We are glad to announce we are sponsoring 2For2 Boobs

2For2 Boobs provides 2 minute timers to encourage monthly breast exam checks along with information on how to do a breast exam. The goal is to educate the all especially the African American community & underserved on breast cancer prevention and the importance of breast exams. Early prevention is key and looking for signs and symptoms can save lives!!

The organization was created by Tallulah Anderson who is  a two-time breast cancer survivor!

“I created 2for2 Boobs as an organization dedicated towards providing education, information and resources on Breast Health and Breast Cancer prevention while advocating for survivors and those who have been touched in some way by Breast Cancer.”  Tallulah Anderson.

We are glad we have got in touch with Tallulah and decided to support her mission educating people about Breast Cancer and encouraging the regular checks for early prevention.